An Expat Returns: Life in the U.S.

After 8 years of living abroad, I’ve finally made the move home. For Dom, he is still technically an expat, as he’s English. But, for the both of us, moving back to the U.S. means going back to a fast-paced lifestyle. Because as an expat, you are exempt from certain responsibilities. At home, you speak […]

We Got Hitched!

Hey guys! So we got hitched! We had a fairytale wedding in Plan de la Tour, France and it was oh so dreamy…. So where to now? Well, first off I really can’t believe it’s been almost a year since leaving Taiwan. We find ourselves talking about it all the time. It’s funny how after […]

An Expat Guide: Filing Taxes in Taiwan

Yay taxes!!! But no, really. Yay taxes!! In Taiwan, taxes are a good thing for expats, as we always (well, almost always) get a nice chunk of change. And unlike the tedious and lengthy process in the U.S., filing taxes in Taiwan is simple and quick. How to file your taxes in Taiwan: 1. Get your […]

The Taiwanese Diet Vs. the American Diet

I want to take a moment to talk about my struggle with eating healthily while home in the U.S. this past month. Many of you might know that I am a vegetarian. In Taiwan, it is effortless to be a vegetarian, as there are more than 1,500 registered vegetarian restaurants on the tiny island. In […]

TEXAS: Photos from the Hill Country

I used to get annoyed when people asked me if I rode horses, shot guns or went to the rodeo when they found out I am from Texas. But being away from Texas for so long has made me increasingly aware of  just how true many of these stereotypes are. Yes, I am from Texas. […]

Ameeeerica. F**K Yeah?

This week, we’ve been learning about the good ole’ U.S. of A in my kindergarten class. It’s been a fun week filled with painting flags and creating crafts which I have hand selected as representing my home country. That the government has shut down this week, is an irony that has not been lost on […]

Utah’s Castle Valley

View of Castle Valley, Utah with Castleton Tower seen on the right and the La Sal Mountains in the background. About the Photographer Taylor Reilly is an adventure seeker, world traveler, and environmentalist. He has been a devout rock climber since the age of 13, and has a Geography degree specializing in nature tourism and […]

Austin’s SoCo

The iconic Austin Motel on South Congress. Austin, Texas. About the Photographer Kinsey Vallier was born and raised in Austin, Texas. You can check out more of her photos by following her on Instagram @AustiniteSights Do you have a photo you’d like to submit for Photo of the Week?  Please send it with your name, […]

Birth Tourism: Passing Out Passports Like Candy

There exists a new wave of tourism popular amongst the Chinese and Taiwanese: Birth Tourism. This booming industry, with more than a hundred “Maternity Hotels”, is spreading like wild fire in the Southern California region with the sole purpose of  catering to expectant mothers wishing to obtain a U.S. Passport for their newborns. The practice […]

Don’t Go Postal

Since I’ve been back in the States, I have had the pleasure of frequenting the Post Office twice. And both times, the line was long and moved like molasses.  During this time, I couldn’t help but overhear the cacophony of complaints expressed by the people in the queue. People with different accents united together in the” […]