10 Things I’ve Learned During My First Year in Taiwan

I can’t believe it, but today marks my one year “Taiwanniversary”. It’s crazy to think that one year ago, Dominic and I arrived in Kaohsiung with no job, no home, and no friends. Today, I am blessed with all of the above, and for this I am grateful. Taiwan has been good to me, and I’m […]

My McDonald’s Nightmare

Two weeks ago, I interviewed for a position to teach a toddler class in the evenings, and what I found upon arrival was unexpected, and extremely disturbing. At first, I was greeted by McDonald’s images plastered on the walls. After introducing herself, the owner of the school asked me to teach the kids fast food […]

How to Avoid the Toxic Air in Taiwan

Yoga bag, keys, and my cool new air filter mask. Just your everyday necessities for a day out in the city. Yes, I might look like the creepy guy from Silence of the Lambs, but at least I’m breathing in cleaner air. And with the current hazardous air quality in Taiwan, I’m totally cool with looking […]

What Do I Need to Know When Moving to New Zealand?

This is a post by guest blogger Katherine Peters Moving to a different country is a momentous life decision. Wherever you choose to relocate, it’s crucial to thoroughly research your chosen destination prior to emigration. The same should be said for those planning to up sticks and settle in New Zealand. Despite being an English […]

Moon Festival

It’s Moon Festival time in Taiwan. So what the heck does that mean? Well, from what I have gathered it’s like the 4th of July, but instead of the “Amuuurica F*ck Yeah” rants, there are moon cakes. Lots and lots of moon cakes. The Moon Festival, also known as Mid-Autumn Festival, takes place on the […]

Liangshan Waterfall

Living in Taiwan, one has the tendency to take waterfalls for granted, seeing as they are scattered all about the island. So much so, that they may get overlooked because they have become so “ordinary”. But in all reality, they the are far from ordinary. Waterfalls are f**cking awesome. Waterfalls are up there with unicorns, […]

Taitung Sea Art Guest House

I can’t get enough of Taitung. Last weekend was my third visit, and once again, I was amazed by the enchanted scenery of mountains, trees, green vegetation, and the almighty Pacific. This time around, I stayed at the Taitung Sea Art Guest House, and I will definitely be returning. In Honduras, my home away from home […]

Thanks to Fellow Expat, Taiwan “RE-THINKS” Pollution

Kudos to fellow expat teacher Daniel Gruber for bringing attention to the trash epidemic in Taiwan (and shining some much needed light on the expat population). Gruber, from Hawaii, just completed a cycle trip around the island of Taiwan, but instead of solely sight seeing, he also picked up trash along the way. During his […]

South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea. Photo taken with a Nikon D7000. About the Photographer Brian Hammonds is a photographer and world traveler from Tennessee. He has been traveling and working abroad for the past three years, visiting 26 countries in the process. To check out more of his stellar photographs, check out his portfolio. Do you have […]

Dulan, Taiwan : Art and Aboriginal Culture

If you are cruising north from Taidong on Highway 11, you will come across the village of Dulan. Although small and perhaps a bit too easy to miss, one really should make an effort to stop, as Dulan hosts some pretty cool art and aboriginal culture. Here you will find an abandoned sugar mill turned art […]